Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Using Sustainable Wood Souring to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Using sustainable wood can be a great benefit to your home and the environment. Did you know that most wood comes from South America which let me tell you adds a lot of air miles to any wood you buy in the United Kingdom if it was sourced there!

So how sustainable can we be when it comes to decreasing our carbon footprint?


Well we can start my maybe buying furniture and doors that where maybe sourced in the United Kingdom. Now I don't have a good list of companies but there are many green blogs out there that can help you out.
Another way in which we can be more sustainable is through the use of construction wood and where it is sourced not to mention the foundations of buildings. There is an absolutely fantastic post on green piling here that I only understand a little bit but maybe there are smarter environmentalists out there than me!
If you want to learn more about energy efficiency and being more green there is an excellent online blog here that covers these needs it is called The Green Animal World and you should check it out!